Closing Report Assistant



The Closing Report automatically takes data from multiple sources—your school's Student Information System (FACTS SIS), the institution's eAdventist profile, and DataRollup, as well as manual data entry. When this data is incomplete or not correctly set up, you will see errors when you attempt to generate or submit the report. Addressing and fixing these errors requires that you find the source of the missing or incorrect data.

Generate a troubleshooting version of the report in Data Rollup with as much information as you have so that you can see what errors need addressing. Compare your report with the sample below and find the places where you need help. Click on a blue highlighted area to open a window with an explanation of the section and instructions to complete entry or fix mistakes in your data.

Finding the necessary data for completing your school’s Closing Report can be a challenge. Use this tool to help find the information you're missing.