Student Information

C. Number of Baptisms

This looks at students who were baptized during the school year.

The best way to enter baptism data is through the report manager.

  1. Go to FACTS > Report Manager > Custom > SDA: Data Roll Up – Student Data
  2. Move Students from Selection List to Selected List
  3. View Report
  4. The first 3 questions on the right column are the ones you need to change to reflect Student Religious Affiliation.
  5. Student is baptized as an Adventist?
  6. Student was baptized during this school year?
  7. Is one or more parent/Guardian a member of the SDA Church?
  8. Update Student after each change or the data won’t save for the student.



This is an OFFICIAL count. An official student is enrolled in two or more classes.


  • 8th grade students taking Algebra 1 classes are not counted at the high school level.
  • Students enrolled in 11th and 12th grade with APLE (Griggs International Academy) are NOT counted.

The school who is transcripting the student is the one who officially counts the students.

renweb SDA Data roll up Reports & Users Guide

Renweb has provided three data entry reports specifically for SDA Data Roll Up:

School Data, Staff Data, and Students Data

Find comprehensive instructions for these reports by
accessing the Report Manager in Renweb:

  • Click Report Manager, select Custom and choose
    SDA: SDA Reporting Instructions.

Updated: 050919