renweb SDA Data roll up Reports & Users Guide

Renweb has provided three data entry reports specifically for SDA Data Roll Up:

School Data, Staff Data, and Students Data

Find comprehensive instructions for these reports by
accessing the Report Manager in Renweb:

  • Click Report Manager, select Custom and choose
    SDA: SDA Reporting Instructions.

The data in this section comes from your school's eAdventist profile. If changes need to be made, contact your conference education office. They are the ones who have access to eAdventist to make changes.

Data coming from eAdventist is:

  • School Legal Name (from your government tax ID certificate)
  • School ID (ORG ID)
  • Union
  • Conference
  • Address
  • Telephone
  • Fax
  • Head Teacher/Principal
  • School Size (1, 2, 3 room school or larger)
  • School Type (PK/K-8, PK/K-10, PK/K-12, 9-12)

This data impacts both Opening and Closing Reports.

The data syncs between Data Rollup servers and eAdventist nightly. Return to Data Rollup after the next data sync and check to see that the updated information is showing up.

School Information

Updated: 050919